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Monique Frausto

Blogger/Freelance Writer

Monique Frausto is a full-time blogger and freelance writer living in Los Angeles. You can find her blogging on her personal blog at

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10 Avocado Beauty Products for Dry Skin and Hair

If you're dealing with dry skin and hair this winter, check out these 10 avocado beauty products designed to help nourish and moisturize....


In the event of a mini beauty crisis, these 10 beauty tips can come in handy for a quick fix. Check out the gallery, then share your favorites with us!

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10 Body Scrubs You Could Eat (But Shouldn't)! | Babble

Body scrubs have a special place in my heart. I love how they make my skin soft, while leaving a nice glow! I found 10 you could eat, but shouldn't!

10 Bright and Bold Lipsticks Under $10 | Babble

Looking for a bright and bold lipstick to liven things up this spring, but you're living on a beauty budget? I found 10 standout shades under $10.

10 Bucket Bags to Fit Any Style - Babble

Bucket bags are making a comeback! I found 10 for every fashionista. From luxury designer to affordable and chic, there is one for all....

10 Classic and Luxury Gift Ideas

We all know someone who loves the finer things in life. I put together a gallery of 10 classic and luxury gift ideas. And yes, I want them all for myself....

10 Delectable Shower Gels and Body Washes

Are you a proud foodie in all aspects of life? Take a look at these 10 delectable shower gels and body washes ready to inspire your holiday cooking!...

10 Designer Fragrances to Try in the New Year

What does your perfume say about you? Is it clean and crisp? Or floral and feminine? I found 10 designer fragrances to help you make a statement in 2014....

10 Dresses that Mix Prints for You - Babble

Do you have issues mixing your prints? Does it make you nervous and give you style anxiety? Don't worry, I found 10 dresses that mix prints for you!...

10 Fashion Do's and Don'ts You Really Need!

Tired of being told what not to wear? I'm here to help you out with a list of fashion do's and don'ts you really need!

10 Fashion Do's and Don'ts You Really Need! | Babble

Tired of being told what not to wear? I'm here to help you out with a list of fashion do's and don'ts you really need!

10 Most Wanted: Plus Size Blazers | Babble

If there's one thing every curvy chica should own, it's an awesome blazer. Take a look, I found 10 plus size blazers that made it to my most wanted list.

10 Nude Shoe Styles Ideal for Spring

Who's ready for spring? If you are, then you're going to love one of my favorite shoe trends. Here are 10 nude shoe styles to keep on your radar....

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10 Plus Size Maxi Dresses for a Perfect Summer | Babble

I found 10 plus size maxi dresses that I think would make the perfect summer dress! I think there's one for everyone. How will you ever choose?

10 Tips for Fashion Shopping on a Budget

Are you a fashionista on a budget? I've put together a list of 10 tips for you. There is a way to get great quality fashion for less!